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Question Downsample from 96kHz to 48kHz.


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Anybody have any ideas how to downsample from 96Khz to 48Khz?
Have a preamp that digital output is fixed at 96kHz and a digital amp that only handles 48kHz.
What to do?


What models are they? The pre-amp should do the conversion to analogue and connected to the amp via analogue. The pre-amp controlling the volume.


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Guldorat has asked this elsewhere - they are a Lyngdorf pre-amp connecting to a Tact so all function in the digital domain hence the question as they both use different sample rates.
The issue is the requirement to do it on the fly to make them work together.


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Thnx for the answers. Thats what Ive been looking for.
A straight digital downsample from 96 to 48khz like this how much does it affect soundquality. Does it affect?


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Probably very little! You are increasing the resolution mainly at the high frequency end @ 96KHz, so less filtering is required, but I doubt you would be able to discern the difference between the 2 in a blind test.

In essence, more samples means more detail and you need to be sampling at a minimum of twice the highest frequency - hence 44.1KHz for CD with a stated bandwidth of 20Hz - 22KHz and 48KHz to give that additional guard band and to reduce the "brick wall" filter necessary to remove digital artefacts.

Higher bit lengths gives greater dynamic range. 16 bit is better than most analogue sources can manage, while 24 bit exceeds the dynamic range of human hearing. Most digital processing used in recording and live sound uses 32 bit floating point internally, so that it does not add noise during processing, but A/Ds, D/As and transmission is normally 24 bit.

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