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Downloading video on SiPix StyleCam

Discussion in 'Photography Forums' started by majbach, Jun 12, 2003.

  1. majbach


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    I am using a SiPix StyleCam Deluxe on a 466 Celeron w/ 256 Ram, Asus V3800 TNT2 16M Video, AWE 64 Sound (ISA) and Win ME.
    I can’t seem to download or view the video clips.
    I have tried uninstalling other twain drivers and devices and resetting the camera.
    With a fresh install, camera reset, new batteries and 10 sec. video taken with the camera, this is what happens: When I plug in the camera and CamWizard appears, if I select the first option ‘copy the pictures’ a window appears and a thumbnail with filename ‘clip0001.avi’. The thumbnail has the Win Media Player Icon in it and the box is checkmarked. If I copy it to the default folder, it appears to copy, and it displays a successful copy message. However, when the folder opens, there is no file. Another note, when the CamWizard folder is open, if I highlight the .avi and select properties, the program crashes. It does not do this when I select properties of a .jpg or .wav file. If I select the third option ‘play’ Media player opens and states ‘cannot find the specified file’.
    The camera appears to be consuming memory when a video clip is taken and also appears to download. I say this because if I take one really short video and one really large one, there is a proportional amount of time taken to download the file. I’ve tried using video Impression and it too does not work. When I select ‘new’ and then aquire, it only shows icons for stills, none for .avi’s, even if CamWizard shows there is an .avi in the camera.
    I already had DirX 9 installed. I found a program to remove DirX and then I installed Dir X 8.1. Camera still did not function. Currently, I am back up to the latest DirX and Win Media Player. However, I tried the camera on another PC. It also has Win ME but much older hardware. However, it had only DirX 8.1. I was surprised to see that the camera functioned normally. AVI files were recognized, downloaded and played with no problem. It would appear the problem resides with my PC, but I am out of ideas. How shall I proceed? Don't give me the 'reinstall windows' answer please.
    I have been searching newsgroups, doing DirX diagnostics, removing and uninstalling hardware and memory; all to no avail. The only thing I notice and am wondering if it is a problem is in the control panel. When I select 'Imaging Devices and Scanner' the only device that is displayed is 'SiPix StyleCam Deluxe (still). Does this mean it can only accept still images? Should there not be one that says ...(video)?

    I’m quite computer literate so you don’t have to worry about describing the obvious. However, I am fairly new to this video stuff. Still, I’m convinced there is something wrong with my software on the computer and nothing wrong with the camera. Any suggestions?

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