Downloading Stills From Panasonic Nv_gx7b

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    I have a panasonic nv-gx7b.
    When downloading still images via usb onto an apple mac running osx into iphoto, the camera downloads ok direct into iphoto but i cannot then disconnect the camera by any means other than removing the battery! the screen on the camera shows"accessing pc" but none of the camera controls work and the access lamp on camere stays on.
    The mac shows an icon on the desktop but if you drag it to the trash or use "apple E" or "eject" from the pull down menu the icon dissapears only to reappear on the desktop a couple of seconds later as if by Magic!.
    Panasonic support!!! where singularly unhelpful just suggesting I contact Apple.
    Any ideas?
    (have got round problem by using a card reader for moment)
  2. Wayne Moule

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    USB again direct from cam > PC :confused:.

    I've had the same problems with cameras and this camcorder in Windows.

    I would get a USB Card Reader,like I have,as they are rock steady and reliable.You'll save battery power and have easier hook up as well.

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