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I've read on posts throughout the forum that it is possible to download bought items from PSN up to 5 times, and this is not restricted to the same machine.

I understand why sony have allowed this, i.e. if your PS3 goes kaput you don't loose all of your dl'd content, but surely this is open to abuse. What is stopping someone from paying for a game and then giving a copy to all their mates? In the past this may not have been such a big deal with games costing around a fiver (calling all cars etc) but now warhawk is available at substantially greater cost.

Surely sony must have thought about this, is each dl restricted to a user so only one copy of each game can be on the network at any one time.

I'd just like peoples comments really, i personally think sony haven't thought this through, especially with high value downloadable content obviously becoming more common in the future.


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I'm sure I read in one of the user agreements that shows up in the PS3 store just before a purchase that they are fine with it (obviously not their wording) and that it can be used on different accounts quite happily.

Warhawk, however is restricted and will only play on the user account that bought and downloaded it. ie if you have a UK and US account on your PS3 and you bought and d/l using the UK one, the US account won't play it.


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You have to use the same account that was originally used to download it in order to play it on other machines. This isn't really practical unless you don't mind giving others your account details. Plus that account can only be active on one machine at a time so you couldn't log on if someone else has logged on with the same account to play a game you gave them.

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