Downloaded Game Updates Dont Save


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hi all can anyone clear something up for me.......... my 360 downloads game updates nearly eveytime i play pro evo or gears of war. i know that only one patch per game has been released so...? however i dont have the hdd only the memory unit but it wont store the updates anyone know why or is it just that it requires the hdd to store updates?


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I'm guessing its how they got around the size limitation of the memory unit, being as the updates can probably be a fair few megs size in some cases, and if every game update was stored on memory unit it would quickly fill it up., I think they're stored in a special system area, and I think MU only has 13 megs or so for that area, I'm guessing it might store one update there, and when switch games it has to redownload the other update again.

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