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Ok, both my recent downloads keep failing - well, they each get stuck at 33MB, then switch between Downloading and 'Pending' ; first it happened to Dead Nation, and now its happening to Tekken (just bought it on PS Store).

I cancelled the download and went into the store and downloaded it again - it was at 33MB within seconds and went to pending - its as if my delete failed and the broken file was still there and recognised. Dodgy.

No, I am not playing games while I look at this pending message; the internet connection is fine & dandy too. So far I've tried:
i. to go into Network setting and change Media to Disabled
ii. Rebuild Database from the special boot menu. (this time the download took the longer normal time, but stops at 33MB, pending)

I admit recently i did a total system reset and began to download DLC's etc. With all my COD ones done, and a few others like Boarderlands and some patches, that I chose to cancel a couple of them like MW2 DLC and inFamous the full game - not sure if cancelling this caused this glitch. Also, having selected loads of Downloads, I left a one of those only a few percent complete when I:
A) swtiched off the ps3 several nights
B) I might have created a Backup to a HDD, while a game was only partly downloaded.

I could try:
a. Some other downloads from the store that I've not obtained yet but paid for
b. Restore and old Backup from an external HDD, and see if that fixes my issue. Then simply reload my Save Game slots from a pendrive which I've recently saved my recent game progresses to.

Any more ideas? :lease:
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Ok, update...

I set inFamous full game to download and it gets to 33MB then stop as Pending. I left it there, then tried Dead Nation again - this times it goes beyond 33MB and keeps going.

Something is wrong with my inFamous download; or a segment of my hard drive at the point inFam is trying to save to!?? How do I fix this??? Surely Sony should help? But how?


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I did on my old PS3 have an issue with downloads failing at 14%, & I found that by deleting some data off the hard drive it seemed to clear things up. Find some old game installs that you haven't played in ages, & get rid of them. The downloads may (in theory) save to a different part of the hdd.

No guarantees as it's a different fault from the one I had, but it won't do an harm.

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