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without clicking on the site and getting a ton of spyware and links to porn sites can I ask is this dodgy p2p or a pucker pay-per-listen site?


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It looks highly illegal and is very poor quality, 32 kbps real player.


aab: you may just be trying to help but try lurking for a while and you will see what is and isn't acceptable, reading the rules might help too. That site is not appropriate for these forums.


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With the recent events of the BPI it has been allowed to discuss downloading music on these forums now. Just thought I'd let you know Daneel. :cool:


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Discuss downloading? Sure. Link to illegal sites? Not as far as I am aware, I'm sure a mod wil correct me if I'm wrong.


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Disussion in general is allowed, but not posting links to illegal sites or giving specific advise on where to obtain that stuff. Hence I have edited the above link.

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