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Tequila Sunset

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hey guys. I was wondering if u cud help and tell me whats the best free program to download movies/tv to go on my ipod? any help wud be much appreciated:smashin:

Greg Hook

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Legal downloads of course? :lesson:

Not sure about how to get it on your Ipod but have a look at the sticky in this forum. It gives a link to some legal movie download sites.

Tequila Sunset

Well-known Member
ive got itunes, you can only download music videos. I mean like simpsons/family guy etc. yeah i mean legal ones too.;)


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thats the nice thing about using my PDA (MDA Compact) for movies, screens a reasonable size and i can just use Winmedia player to run literally just need to record a movie in a small enough file to fit on a SD card and be in any format WMP can read....

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