Downfall (Der Untergang) on HD DVD


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Wow, x1 of my favorite foreign language movies ever, definately getting this if anyone can confirm subs


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I wonder if they'll just use the "English for the hard of hearing" subtitles that were on the sd - dvd.


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Surely this has to be scheduled for a European wide/American Release in the very near future, it should go nicely with the Pianist in a collection. I wish now I could speak German just to get the Spanish copy which only has Spanish subtitles.


Also I wonder when Schindler's List will be arriving, courtesy of Universal:confused:

Duncan Harvey

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I'd be amazed (albeit pleased) if SL came out any time in the near future. Remember the early years of DVD - no Spielberg films until the format had 10m or so installed users...

If he puts a similar constraint on his films in HD (or leans on the studios) then the only chance for 10m installed users will be early 2008 with the sheer number of PS3's that will be out by then pushing BD over the line.

Lets see how loyal to HD-DVD Universal are then!

That said, I'd love them to put two fingers up to Spielberg and just release what they wanted to. Jurassic Park in HD and Dolby TruHD - lovely! (although again perhaps unlikely given the dts relationship!)

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