Douk Audio P1 Bluetooth pre-amp/DAC Driver issues


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I've just added a Douk audio (nobsound) pre amp to my set up (Arcam A65 Plus & B&W 602 S2 with B&W AS2 Sub) after years of sending music from my PC through a Berhniger UCA202.

The Douk audio P1 I paid £80 for and it has blown my mind sonically as well as causing a huge head ache in getting the DAC to behave!

The sound stage it creates is huge. Really dynamic, warm sound and really well placed Bass/Treble pots for on the fly adjustments> The bluetooth pairs easily and switches between multiple inputs with no need to power cycle.

Now for the DAC

When I first plugged in via USB it played fine, great sound, all fine, then the volume on the PC went down. On trying to adjust it fought me and kept going down. Tried multiple searches and fixes to no avail. After hours of mucking about I noticed that the computer believed I had a skicky key. I'd already confirmed this wasn't the case by disconnecting the keyboard so I believe the unit may be sending some kind of input signal to the computer? Sounds weird but is the only thing that has fixed it.

To fix I disabled the Human Device Interface Service in PC management which has removed funtionality of media keys on the keyboard, but all 'normal' keys still work and I don't have an array of volume locking software and volume popup blockers fighting in the background!

To celebrate this win in upgraded the valves to Mullard M1800 (matched pair) these have improved definition in the bottom end and some how have made the stereo image sound wider?!

Any other experiences had along these lines would interest me very much!

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