Doubling speaker cables


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I ask thie question on this forum although it is about the LCR speakers of my HT.
I have a lot of AWG18 cable (I think it is QED bell wire) If I double up what will the resultant gauge be. Also what is the best way of doubling a) twist each pair together or b) the 2 a's twisted and the 2 b's. I don't know if it makes any difference or if the doubling up will make any difference. I want to know what you experts think, please.


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If you only need about a Meter of wire from the amp to the center speakers, AWG 18ga is probably adequate.

AWG 18ga has a continuous current capability of 2.3 amps and a peak current capacity of 16 amp. The resistance per Kilometer is 21 ohms.

So, one meter of 18ga has a resistance of 0.021 ohms. That's not much.

2.3 amps to an 8 ohm load translates to 43 watts, but remember it can easily sustain that. It can peak at 2048 watts. That gives you some idea of the kind of power reserver you have.

But, 1 meter of good quality 2.5mm² speaker wire is only about £2, wouldn't it be better to just buy some new wire? Your time for all the messing around with old wire has to be worth at least £2. 2.5mm² wire has a continuous current capability of 7.3 amp, which translates to 300 watt of continuous power to an 8 ohm load. The peak current limit on this wire is close to 10,000w (35 amps).

If you double the 18 ga wire, using the current capacity as a guide, you have the equivalent of 15ga wire or roughly 1.5mm², which is only about £1 per meter. Hardly seems worth the trouble to me.

If you insist you using your existing wire doubled, then I wouldn't twist anything. I would tape or glue the wires in parallel, and use one pair for Plus and the other pair for Minus. That is the minimum mess and confusion.

Just a thought.

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I have found how to braid these ccables and have decided to pair two cables into a 4 wire braid. The resulting braid is about 12 mm.
a) what sleeving can I buy that I could slide onto these 3 metre lengths or do I need split sleeving, and
b) what banana plugs will accomodate 2 x 18 gauge cables.

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