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Double use for my subwoofer... Can I, or I shoudn't?

Discussion in 'Subwoofers' started by cribeiro, Jun 7, 2004.

  1. cribeiro

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    Nov 2, 2002
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    A Spaniard in Germany
    I am finally very near the end of my quest for the hifi nirvana... And I was wondering if I could get a step further... :)
    The point is, I will have bookshelf speakers for my stereo, while I have a complete separate av 5.1 system for movies... The sub of my av-system is not bad, a Magnat 30 with its own amp and a 30 cm membrane. I was wondering if I could use it for both systems in the following way: connect the preamp of my stereo amp with a Y connector to the left RCA input of the sub, and connect the sub single output of my av amp to the right one.
    Is it a bad idea? I mean, if they are competely separate input channels in the sub, I won't interfere between stereo and av (like sending a signal from one to the other), so it should be ok.
    Needless to say, I won't use them simultaneously, since they are in the same room.
    What about it?

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