Double sided DVD's



I watched my copy of R2 Beetlejuice last night.
It's one of the few Double sided DVD's I have.
One side (A) has the film in 'regular, 4:3/1.85,'
The other side (B) has the film in 'Widescreen, 16:9/1.85,'
just out of curiosity, I played both sides on my JVC 28" widescreen
& I couldn't tell the difference! :confused:
Does anyone else own a copy of this disc, I'm concerned there is fault with my player or the disc, or Warners have made a mistake when they manufactured the disc.

Squirrel God

I own this and quite a few other double-sided disks with P&S on one side and w/s on the other. Maybe your player is set to output 4:3 rather than 16:9?

I have just checked my copy and it definitely is 4:3 on the other side, which means my TV shows it in 4:3 or "Smart" mode rather than wide mode (can't remember what the equivalent 4:3 stretch mode is called on the JVC).


Originally posted by shez316
The JVC stretch mode is called PANORAMIC.

That is a little bit close to anamorphic to be reasonable! No wonder people would get confused!


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