Double height living room - where to place Atmos speakers?


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I have a living room which is 23 feet in height. I am planning on installing Atmos speakers, but installing on the ceiling is ruled out. One option is to project a rod or a rafter from the wall behind my sofa, one on right and one on left side and install the inwall speakers in this rafter or rod.

Any suggestions on how to solve this problem of installing Atmos speakers when the roof is at a height of 20+ feet?


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In my case of ceiling h450cm in AVC-X6700H 9.1.4 system, I installed two DA speakers in front wall 45º down-firing and another two on top of front towers. They make an acceptable bubble sound atmosphere.


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Are you able to place atmos speakers on the side walls? If you can, you wouldn't need to worry about the extra height. All you would need to do is follow the same rule for a .2 solution placing them at either side (normal room height) of the room just in front of the listening positions and for .4, in front and behind (but on the side walls oppose to in the ceiling) as Dolby recommend

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