Double Garage Conversion to Private Room


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Oct 3, 2005
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Billericay, Essex
I've finally got approval for my garage to be converted into my own private easy listening/av/room for me and friends to chill out in without kids. They have a Pana 42" in a 21ft/12ft room.
The double garage is 5.85mx5.21m. Because of its design (rooms above) its got a massive RSJ about 3meters in from the front. Garage doors to be replaced with large windows to match rest of house. Floor to come up to level with rest of house.
I intend to have a Philips 50" PF72390 Flat HDTV on the wall. The wall is i tihnk to be a false one, made up of wood/plaster board and skimmed. A bit like what I've seen on some of the more recent posts by others. Especially Clondon's current build works.
My problem is I have lots of questions not having done this before. I don't even have speakers selected or even an AMP. I know I will have a Sat Receiver and DVD and AMP of some sort and speakers. Therefore I drew out, sorry about the mess the various sketches to give you guys an idea and AM hopign someone out there has done something along this line and got some pointers. (I can't afford to be wrong).
Your info and help will be greatly appreciated.


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I'd think carefully about using a tiled floor - it is likely to exacerbate any acoustic problems due to being very reflective.

Some acoustic treatment on the side walls might be a good idea too - particularly over areas where, if you placed a mirror, you would see a reflection of the speakers when sitting in the seats.
Run the ceiling back at angle from the screen wall to the RSG - it'll help with the sound. Audioholics have a fairly understandable set of pages on room acoustics that are well worth the time it takes to read them.

I'd also move the seating forward and use dipoles on the side walls with possibly a centre back between the windows. Heavy curtains are a good call there too.

Your screen will look better with darker walls too.

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