Question Double din media unit for Fiat based motorhome

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    This seems like a sensible place to start, so I will!

    I have an Autotrail motorhome with an "upgraded" media centre. this consists of a drop down monitor fed by a double din headunit that encompasses a CD/DVD player, a radio, (not DAB), and a DVB-T. The only ID I can find on the unit is 11ELE2000. The monitor was to small for the van anyway and decided to go pop so I've changed that out, (rightly or wrongly to an Xtrons 17" unit).

    Yippee, change of monitor worked and I now have a picture using the DVB-T from the head unit, picture isn't that good though. Thought I'd try a DVD to see if picture quality improved, however the unit gives me a disk error message regardless of what region the DVD is or how many different disks I try. Basically it looks like this is borked as well. Searched the t'internet and it would appear that the entire Autotrail media setup is, on the whole, crap!

    So to my question: what options do I have? I've had a quick look around and it seems like a minefield! Android or not? Known brand or not? I don't really want to blow a load of cash but I do want a reasonable sound and picture.

    Help and advice please peeps.

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