Double Din for a MkV Golf GTi


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I have a basic double DIN VW stereo in my GTi with a 3000 series Parrot bluetooth handsfree. I've added an eBay iPhone/iPod to CD changer interface but it still doesn't live up to the rest of the driving experience.
I have about £250 to spend plus the cost of facia adapter and wiring harness. Happy to go second hand for a good unit and I will be fitting myself (already had the dash apart to fit the iPod interface and wiring for the phone).
I'm hoping to keep the Parrot mic which has been carefully fitted by the rear view mirror but lose the stick on display.
I'm looking for iPhone4S and 5S compatibility (not at the same time) and iPod Classic - so a wired dock connector is needed but music over bluetooth would be fine for the phones.
I'm happy using the phone for sat nav but it would be idea if I could mirror Google Maps or Co-Pilot onto the head unit display.

Any suggestions welcome and thanks for reading.


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Continuing to talk to myself, if anyone is looking to do the same thing...

FWIW I ordered a Connects2 CT24VW09 which is a very tight fit on the Pioneer cage but if you bend the inside slightly down you can ease it in. There are no bad gaps and it looks fine.
Plastics are a good match for the dash and it doesn't sit proud. The Connects2 trim panel around the outside won't snap into place because the Pioneer cage protrudes but the Pioneer one works fine.

Bought from liquidice-2008 on eBay
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FWIW The Connects2 CT24VW09 arrived in Schoche packaging and is actually AVW32317B I contacted Connects2 tech support who confirmed it was all the same thing.

I'm pleased that with the facia adapter in place if I decide to change anything else it should take 2 minutes to whip the head unit out vs. the half an hour to pull half the dash apart to get behind the VW unit.

I also bought a harness adapter with the double Fakra connectors. When I took the dash apart I discovered that a loom adapter had been used to fit the Parrot CK3100 so I didn't need anything but the aerial adapter which I snipped off the new loom adapter. I guess I could have returned it and bought just the aerial part but I had everything apart and it was only a few quid.
Connects2 CT20VW04 Harness Adaptor Golf/Touran/Polo/EOS
CT20VW04 Harness Adaptor Golf/Touran/Polo/EOS | eBay

I was scuppered in using the Parrot CK3100 microphone as it was a different size jack to the Pioneer. Again I could probably have bought an adapter but I decided to remove what was there and fit the Pioneer mic. while I was up to my eyes in dashboard I was utterly baffled that the previous fitter had run the wiring around the passenger side, up the A pillar and across to the roof console but had run the display wiring to the drivers side. I carefully eased the wiring out using a string guide to allow me to pull the new wiring back through if I needed to but in the end I ran my mic cable up and around on the drivers side.
The Pioneer mic clip is a PITA as it's designed to clip on the sun visor - but that means you can't move the visor up or down or out it over the side window - I dropped the roof console and clipped it on the passenger side pointing back at me. Only a few calls will tell if that's good enough or not.

I also grounded the parking brake sensor from the AVH X5500B which should technically be connected to the parking brake switch - not because I ever plan on watching DVDs in motion but it looked like a monumental pain in the backside to route the cable through to the handbrake.

I also bought the advanced iPod/iPhone cable for the head unit so I can use AppRadio to put navigation on the display. I suspect it's not OEM but it seems to work.
CD-IU201S / CA-IW.201S USB Video Adapter Cable for Pioneer iPod iPhone 3GS 4 4S
CD-IU201S / CA-IW.201S USB Video Adapter Cable for Pioneer iPod iPhone 3GS 4 4S | eBay

And I ran a 3.5mm to 3.55mm aux cable into the cubby in front of the gear stick just in case I move from iOS to something else.

Anyway I hope that helps someone out.

Now I need to reset the headunit back to factory settings, pair it up etc.


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Something to be aware of that I didn't note in the last post - I found that the switched live and live pins on the loom adapter were the wrong way around for the car.
The headunit forgot its settings when the ignition was switched off - more importantly the next day I discovered I had flattened the battery and needed to jump start the car. The dash lit up with all sorts of warning lights - I thought I was in for a trip to a garage to get the lights reset but they all went out after a short drive.
So if you find you head unit is forgetting its settings then look at how to switch those wires over straight away!

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again thank you.
I need a satnav first and I am vacillating between a Tomtom Via 135 (Europe model) and one of the Garmin 25** models.
Hopefully my son will knock some sense into me - Waze is ok for the UK but not economic for Europe.



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FWIW I the Pioneer I got works with their AppRadio interface . That allows me to connect my phone and use some iOS sat nav apps on the touchscreen.
Pioneer Car AV Receiver Head Unit with AppRadioMode

On the Pioneer you can use Apple Maps, Waze, NavFree and a paid app - forget which one.
Waze works - well in the UK.
NavFree is also fine in the UK and I've installed the France and Benelux versions to use on holiday later this summer - maps are on the phone so no data usage. Still deciding if I should pay £1.99 each for the maps to France and Benelux inside the UK NavFree interface so I can plan the whole route in one go. I'm guessing otherwise I'll have to switch between 2 apps on the continent.

The roaming charges for O2 have changed recently so instead of limited data I get "managed" unlimited data for £1.99 in Europe. If that's going to be fast enough to stream Waze maps on the autoroute is another question but I might give it a try.

The AppRadio interface is a bit awkward, as are all the Alpine iOS integrations I've previously used too but it does mean I don't need to have a separate SatNav which saved me some cash and installation hassle.

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