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Dot grid pattern on projector


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Hi all, looking for help in fixing my epson powerlite home cinema 1440. Turned it on this morning(was working fine last night)and it’s displaying a grid pattern of four dots in lines across the screen. Tried the obvious on/off, then I reset the projector, switched hdmi cables, hdmi ports, even hooked up my Nintendo 64 with video cables. Nothing has worked.
I spoke with epson and they said it’s an HDMI port issue, but I don’t believe it since it happens with video input also.
Any ideas?



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Any ideas
Looks just like this post, one of the fixes seemed to be reseating cables internally



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I just had the same problem tonight, Epson 2030. Took the thing apart, reseated the ribbon cables, and yes it worked for me.

Thanks for the info, y'all.

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