Dororo - A hidden Anime gem on Amazon Prime

Solomon Grundy

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Just thought I'd give a heads up to anyone who enjoys Anime. This show is absolutely brilliant.

A historic tale set in the time of Samurai where a father makes a deal with demons in exchange for more power and good fortune for his clan. The resulting payment being at the cost of his first child who is born without skin, limbs and senses.

Obviously the infant is to be abandoned to die...but doesnt because at the moment of birth a Godess of Mercy also sacrifices part of themself to ensure survival.

What follows is a tale involving prosthetic samurai blades and a journey towards recovery via demon hunting...every time the boy kills a demon, he regrows a part of himself and the more demons he kills has the knock on effect of reducing the power and fortunes of his father.

Anyway, I probably didn't explain it well enough...but give it a try! Japanese language with subtitles.
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I'm really glad to see anime find such a strong presence in streaming. Amazon and Netflix have very solid roster of titles available.
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