Dora and the Lost City of Gold Blu-ray Review & Comments


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Has to be better than Frozen II anyway.


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Yeah I was surprised at the highly positive reviews this had been getting. Can finally watch it now, without looking like a creep at the cinema. Cheers Cas.


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Thanks Cas, will try it on your recommendation with my almost 6yo girl. Funny, lead female playing non gender sterotyped role and who is not sexualised... ticks my parental approval boxes. Shame about the lack of 4k and annoying you can seemingly stream it in 4k on Amazon Prime.


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Watched it with the Mrs to check it was ok for our kid and the Mrs loved it, clearly she's in the mood for easy going atm.

I can add "distinctly light watch for adults" to my phrase book for Cas so I know what he's talking about now, and I can certainly see what he means.

I did enjoy it myself even though I was left feeling it was a bit empty headed, light even ;-). Even though it was short I still felt I'd had enough by the end. I'd never seen the source material but I like to think I can guess what an episode is like, and the field of flowers scene was a lot of fun, as was Dora's seemingly unlimited sunny disposition... even though it made her quite bizarre. The "can you say" moments were great too, even without seeing the source. Shame about the monkey-cameo being as short as it was.

I'll see what my nearly 6yo thinks of it when she sees it. Some of the themes are going to go well over her head, hell they don't even know what bullying is in her class yet, and good luck with jungle puzzles. I could have done without the guns at all for all the good they did, the toilet humour in the woods I actually quite liked and at least I saw the two twists in regards of who people are coming, though no way my child would.

It also made me wonder what the classics will be for kids of her age now-a-days. After Dora, well I wanted to watch the Goonies again. Pirates trump the jungle anyday.

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OMG loved this! If you had kids who grew up watching Dora that you had to sit through you'll love it. Laughed out loud numerous times. Lead actress was perfect in the role. One of the best films I've seen in ages. 8.5/10 for anyone that knows the show, however would be lost on anyone who knows nothing about Dora the explorer.

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