Doom Patrol (Starz) Season 2 TV Show Review & Comments


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Thanks for the review - season 1 was on my to watch list - now season 2 has dropped might give Starz via ATV+ a month to see this - george


Looking forward to working my way through the first 8 of these over the next week or so. I've jumped through a whole bunch of hoops and got myself a DC Universe subscription so I can watch it in glorious 4K, HDR as well. 😁


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Thx Cas.
watched s1 really didnt like it at all , so will give it a miss, darn im beginning to sound like all those folks that constantly watch netflix movies and hate em!


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Really enjoying the first season, although only up to episode 4.
It's funny you mention Legion, it reminded me of that last night. In fact, I was wondering if the house they were in was of the sets in Legion!
Love this kind of stuff, even down to some of the creative swearing.


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Watching this at the US pace on DC Universe - it starts brilliantly and gets better! Best super hero show I’ve seen probably ever to be honest.
If DC could transfer this to the big screen - somehow - this could be their GOTG.


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I loved the first season to a point. That point being when it started dragging on long past your typical ten-episode stint. I will return to it for sure, especially now there's a second season. With the first season the stuff that worked was when we were off adventuring inside a snow globe or rescuing a sentient street named Danny. But for me there were also episodes that became pretty tedious – navel gazing the inner workings of a character's many personalities, for example.

This show is at its best when it's at its most whacky. And at its worst when it grinds to a halt to explore the insides or past of its characters. I'm hoping for more of the former in season 2 and less of the latter. Thanks for the review, Cas.


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I have watched the first 3 eps of season 1 and certainly has a different tone to the majority of the DC TV shows. So far they are not by any means heroic more dysfunctional. But i’m liking it so far - the quality via ATV+ is pretty good and I’ll certainly keep watching - george


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Binge watched season one in 2 days.!
Then season 2’s three episodes.
Only have free version of stars for one week, hence the binge watch.

Love the show..wished I jumped on sooner.
Rita is my favourite character her quirks and personality win me over not matter her character has done in the past.!
This and The boys are best superheroes tv shows for me.

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