Doom Patrol (Starz) Season 1 TV Show Review & Comments

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Sounds odd, glad it made it to disc. You can subscribe to starzplay via rakuten too now but how many subscriptions is too many? Starz seems to include some almost randomly selected older films on rakuten too


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I struggled with it if I’m honest. I might rewatch the last 2 episodes as I got bored and multitasked with the internet, and wasn’t drawn back in. I loved the actors, the characters and their banter. I admired the deep character/origin dives, and the production overall was fantastic. I just didn’t think there was any substance or story holding it all together, certainly not 15 episodes worth. I have Starz for 2 more days, as I subscribed for this and Pennyworth. Whilst uneven it probably deserves a proper rewatch of the final 2.


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Hi, long time lurker, finally bit the bullet and registered.
I really enjoyed Doom Patrol, definitely agree with the comparison to Umbrella Academy. The villain in season Mr Nobody is a fourth wall breaking character like Deadpool that really adds to the craziness of this show. I prefer this to Titans which I watched first and would recommend checking it out.


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I'd previously never heard of StarzPlay as a UK streaming service for American TV Shows. It's apparently available on the Amazon FireTV for an additional £3.99.

I actually thought Starz was an Indian (Bollywood?) TV channel, but I think I must be conflating the name with something similar?

NetFlix, Prime and Disney+ is enough. As the fragmentation of TV services continues, many of the smaller players (and possibly some of the bigger ones) aren't going to survive. It's a shame that more and more content is only getting released on specific platforms. I'm sure Starz have some worthwhile content, but the walled-garden approach isn't going to work.

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Had it on for some time. Tried to watch it, but it just didn't work for me.


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Thanks for the review; yet another thing to add to the growing list of future watches. :)

I'd previously never heard of StarzPlay as a UK streaming service for American TV Shows. It's apparently available on the Amazon FireTV for an additional £3.99.
If you've not already gone for it you can have a free 7 day trial of StarzPlay via Amazon Prime Video (amongst other options). Should give you enough time to binge the series! And then if you have the time you can give other series, such as Castle Rock, a whirl.


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Watched it some time ok, didnt particularly like it, felt umbrella vastly superior. It does not really have you routing for any particular character as non are very likable. I wont be watching s2 , 4 out of 10 for me.


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Is this on amazon or netflix through other markets? Really don't want to sign up to yet another streaming service.


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Season 1 was fun and sometimes crazy... looking forward to season 2 when I get the catch.. 8/10


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Great show, i like it the best out of all the DC n marvel tv fare, has the spirit of Grant Morrisons run oon the comic series

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I watched Doom Patrol some months ago and confess that I did not find it immediately compelling to watch.
Considering I enjoyed the Watchmen series logically should have liked Doom Patrol as well, perhaps the story arc of Watchman invested me more in the main characters and the prevailing surreal events that was drawing them all together for good or for bad, the developing story created the naive desire that good will somehow always prevail in the end.
Doom Patrol seemed to me to be a mix and match of damaged comic book heroes on steroids where humanity is removed and something artificial replaces it, an underlying megalomania feeding on evil is constantly at work, there did not seem to be much scope for any lasting relief from the dark dystopian future world being created.
The main actors did a good job, Brendan Fraser and Timothy Dalton provided the added charisma this show needed though both these journeyman actors seem to be settling for playing TV supporting roles now, which is a shame considering their past top billed movie successes.


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I’ve no doubt this is a real marmite type show, but I was absolutely blown away by this. Loved it, it’s one of the best things I’ve seen for a long time. Great antidote to the glossy, bland and increasingly boring marvel universe. One of the most overlooked shows, can wait for season 2 next week.


Burned my way through most of season one over the weekend, what a brilliant show this is!

Funny, dark, touching at times and never predictable, it’s been a joy to behold so far. 😁


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I've only seen the first two episodes but I'm also loving it so far.

Of course it's not 100% original but it somehow manages to feel creative and like a breath of fresh air to me, probably because it's just a blend.

I also loved 'Legion', 'Dirk Gently', 'Utopia', 'Happy' and 'Ash vs Evil Dead'. Not specifically relevant, but I love the fact that in the middle of all the boring fomulaic TV there is still room for doing things a bit differently. To me they are all mongrels rather than pedegree breeds, but the creative streak feels undiluted precisely because of that.

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