Doom Iii Leaked Demo


Dick Scratcher

Check out the MegaGames site for info on how and where to download the demo, beware it's a biggie! You'll need eDonkey to get hold of the file but there should be other sites hosting it, though there seem to be a lot of blind alleys if you can be bothered to check the user posts. I've tried eDonkey and Direct Connect but no joy so far. If anyone does manage to get hold of it let us all know where. By the way, if you've got a 56k modem you'll have a long wait, 372 megs is the file size!!! File name for anyone who wants to try their favourite P2P proggy is doom3.e-3demo, you can also try doom_iii.rar. Good luck.


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I've got it.

Took me a day to get it from emule.
The graphics and atmosphere are superb. Should be one to play with the lights out when it's released.
The specs required to run this will be huge.
I've got an athlon1800, 768mb ram and an ATI Radeon 8500 and I get about 15-20 fps average:eek:

Well worth the download if youve got the connection and machine.


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The specs will be high at the moment as it most definately will not be optimised. Plus a lot of the time when they release these pre-build demos they contain a lot of checking and validation code, which slows the game even more.

tony kop77

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I was going to download the demo from megagames but the instructions seem complicated i thought you just download it and play


I really wouldn't suggest downloading this if you're not happy with hacking around with .cfg files. This is an ALPHA release. Hence the performance. It's possibly optimised for the Radeon 9700Pro. You CAN make it run at a playable speed, but DO NOT make any assumptions as to the final code from this leak.

The final game may look worse as they may have to sacrifice some detail to get it running on older hardware. Personally, on my ti4600 and XP2100+ I can get a reasonable 30fps in most areas. It's very nice. I'll definately be buying it. Hell I would have done anyhow!!!

Even better, forget it exists !



gade202 has this file up on their ftp server hurry though ftp:ftp

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