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Joe Pineapples

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there seems to be a general rumour going around the net that April is looking good - then again it could be just a 'net' rumour :rolleyes:


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play have it down for 16/4 gameplay have it down for 27/8 make of that what you will. I'm guessing christmass time:(


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I dunno I scanned PC Gamer on the shelves this morning when waiting for the train to work.....

Gah the same screenshots and same info that has been spouted for the last 18months!!!!!!

Will any of these games ever arrive!


well rumour has it then the fully working alpha version , with all levels etc is out... so shouldnt be too long


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yeah there is a recent beta that hit the net 2/11/2004 : DOOM III BETA 2 This version contains all patchs, the DoomConfig, DoomEditor, many new maps, a nice setup
and NVidia Drivers 41.09 for GeForce Users (to solve the problem of the grey screen)

So definately gettin closer to release cant wait :)


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Far as I know, Doom 3 looks to be ready within 2 months. I think I read somewhere that it'll be released near the end of April, but please bear in mind that this (as well as most other dates) are just rumours and speculation.

Your best bet would be to check out Activision's website for a definite date.


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I looks pretty much finished with the current beta, I would recommend you atleast have a radeon 9600 to play it though


AFAIK the 'new' beta demo has been made by obsessive doom3 fans who've already started to mod (an unreleased game :eek: ) the alpha demo. I've not yet tried it as I'm content with screenies and a little alpha play ;)

ID best hurry up though as other games developers are quickly catching up. With games such as farcry ( we all know is going to kick ass) which has official and stable playable demos, and HL2 just around the corner Doom3 has a lot to live up to.

I'm still excited as hell as I've grown up playing the countless classics released by ID.


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yeah farcry will be brilliant and apparently has gone gold and is set for release 29 of this month :) recommended requirements are pretty demanding but the demo is ace :)


oh right...I thought it meant the game received over 90% in some magazine review or something :)

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