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Don't you just Love Mike?

Mr Lime

Distinguished Member
WARNING: Video clips contain occasional strong language

I'd heard about this but have only recently found an almost full version of it.

In 1988 The Beach Boys were inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame. Elton John inducted the band and Brian Wilson made a speech thanking the RNRHOF. The first bit of strangeness occurs during this speech when Mike Love interrupts and visibly unsettles Brian Wilson, who at that time was not the most comfortable person in the world in front of an audience.

Then when Love's turn to speak comes he takes the microphone and after a minute or so launches into an excruciating tirade, during which brothers Carl and Brian and fellow Beach Boy Al Jardine eventually leave the stage in embarrassment.

Prepare to squirm...

There's a tiny bit extra at the end of this next clip worth watching (from about 4m 50s). The band start playing to drown him out and he eventually takes the hint and walks off the stage totally alone, to almost complete silence from the audience, but not before a closing line that boggles the imagination, given the vitriol that precedes it...

On both clips stay tuned after the fade out to hear Elton John's comment on the debacle. :devil:

Incidentally, the word Love is struggling for on two occasions is "internecine", not to mention his embarrassing misuse of the musical term "glissando" - and in front of a room full of musicians too. :facepalm:

Mr Lime

Distinguished Member
The remark "I know Mick Jagger won't be here tonight. He'd better stay in London." was especially amusing as Jagger was there waiting to induct The Beatles that evening. :)
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Mr Lime

Distinguished Member
Later that evening, Bob Dylan thanks Mike Love! :D

Bit of a big night that one - The Beatles, The Beach Boys and Bob Dylan all inducted on the same evening.


Distinguished Member
Dylan handled that really well. Made a joke of Loves rant, but at the same time made a good point about letting things go. Since Love still hasn't let things go, guess he wasn't listening...

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