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Don't want no DVD

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by Time's Up, Nov 10, 2003.

  1. Time's Up

    Time's Up

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    I've had a surf round your excellent forum, but I have some questions that I'm sure you are all able to answer for me...

    I'm after a 32" TV. Nothing special, I don't watch DVDs (No time to watch them). Therefore Nicam Stereo is sufficient. A built in Digital Decoder would be nice for Freeview. Don't really want to cover the coffee table with remote controls, so a one box system, including sound, is preferable. Read all the reviews but......

    Is 100hz refresh rate of any advantage when watching broadcasts?

    Is Freeview in surround sound?

    Is the sound from a TV's built in speakers ever good?

    What would you suggest, Budget is up to £900 including access to FreeView.

    Help please, I'm normally more than capable of making decisions of this type, but with a bewildering array of sets on offer and all the local TV shops incapable of setting them all up correctly with a good analogue signal, it is impossible to compare them!

    Thanks in advance,

    T U

    p.s. Is it my imagination, but does the average £250 4/3 TV give a better image than an £850 Flat Wide etc etc model?
  2. hornydragon

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    Dec 19, 2001
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    Somewhere near the M4 most of the time......
    You have been spend way too much time in DSG stores!!!
    Panasonic make a couple of nice IDTV sets as do sony, 32" models are availblke for £900 or less online if you shop around, JVC 32R37 is a nice set and they do a couple with built in pro logic surround (surround from stereo source) but no freeveiw, £100 buys great freeveiw box these days, but if you are time limited look at the pace twin freeveiw recorder, £250 online or maybe less and it can record freeveiw pause live TV etc leaves you £650 for TV and you can get a very decent JVC Phillips for that money.

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