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Jul 21, 2005
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I currently have a wireless lappy and want to connect another to it for use upstairs and file sharing and I just dont know where to start. Have looked everyhwhere on the internet but its all too much for a little girlie - could someone point me in the right direction please x
I assume as you already have a wireless laptop, it connects back to a wireless router? (where the internet comes in).

When you get this other laptop, simply connect that to your wireless router also and if they're both running Vista in the network "Home" mode, they should see each other. It's fairly simple to share folders between the two, just right click a folder you want to share and select "Share...", Windows does the rest.

Good luck!
The new one is xp though and is it really as simple as that - I thought you had to set up a network between the two of them?

Can you also access applications through the other computer or do they have to be installed on that as well and what about the printer?

Sorry Im really basic at this :(
If you left click on the folders you want to share and enable file sharing then you're halfway there.

Then go to start > run > type CMD and press enter
then in the window that appears type ipconfig
your ip address will be shown for your network card
on the other pc go to start > run > type \\ and the ip address you got from your first PC and hit enter, you should get a window come up with the shared folders in it.

if you get any more problems let me know and i can remotely assist you if you really cannot do it, it really is pretty quick and simple.
it requires several steps, first please tell us what kind of wireless device that you are using,
since diferent manufacturer has different settings.

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