Dont know what to get?


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From my "Solve my headache thread"

"Well I went for the Sony 32V2000 and the picture is light years ahead of the Samsung 32R41 I had. The blacks are darker, all colours richer and screen brighter, no motion blurr etc. Superb with HD material and far better with SD material than any othe LCD I've seen. Even wife commented on how much better picture was and she's no techie.

The sound is not as good as the Samsung lacking base, but no matter as a splashed out £235 for the Sony HSS1000 surround sound amp which in addition to effectively giving me use of 2 HDMI inputs, gives out upto 1000W of awesome top quality sound. I though I'd discovered HDTV and home cinema with the Samsung but the Sony se-up blows it away on every level (Got 32V2000 for £1170).

I can't see this Halo issue so no problem here."


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The Samsung R73 or R74 (styling difference) especially if mainly for HD sources and XBOX360/PS3 use.


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Save your pennies a bit longer and get a Sony. At least get a recent model with digital tuner rather than those old-model Samsungs.

If you must get one right away, make sure you get a good demo first and are happy with the SD picture quality because chances are that you will be mostly watching SD for the forseeable future.

Be wary about dealing with French dealers. I'm not saying you can't trust pixmania, but check out other people's experiences with them. I live in France at the moment and have found that a lot of French (and German) internet sellers like to advertise goods as being in stock, take your money immediately from your card, then order the goods from their supplier :mad:


i am not bothered about watching TV etc, with digtal freeview etc ect. This is about 99.99% Gaming.I hardly watch TV in my bedroom.

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