Question Don't know the names of these movies. Do you know them?

Kdosda Hegen

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1. A movie about drug dealer. In desert his car crashed and he lost all memory. He was near abounded house, there he with time found some clues, he remember that he drove with his wife and son. Which is very weird he started to see devil and devil's wife (they were like humans, just in dark clothes) they claimed that they didn't do anything, but they came to observe him. Anyway with time he found more and more clues in the house about what had happened, in the end
He remembered that he killed his own family. Then the druglord arrived, because the drug dealer failed to arrive or something in time, so druglord burned the whole place he killed the drugdealer.
It should be in 2000-2013 range, not newer.

2. An indian movie about a guy who accepts to be in a real life movie about his and his girlfriend relationship (girl had no idea she was being filmed, all their personal life was made into a movie).
After movie was created they kill director at movie premiere ceremony and two producers go to jail (wrongfully accused), in the end it is explained how they did all this.
it should be in 1995-2016 range, not newer.

3. A movie in a cabin in a forest. Two people - young man and young woman are there. They try to escape but no matter what, they keep getting near the house. There are zombie clones of them in the house. If they take damage the humans take too. (I've no idea how it ended, only watched halfway through)
It should be in 2000-2010 range, not newer.

If you do happen to know these movies, please tell, I've been looking for them for a long time.


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1) "Strayed" (2009)

Kdosda Hegen

Standard Member
1) "Strayed" (2009)
Thank you so much. I've been searching for this film for years.

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