Don't Give up on Fast 5G if you are shown as out of coverage.


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We have been using 4G for our main broadband for a couple of years now, With a large 4G Three Tower about 2 miles away we have managed to get a fairly solid 50 to 70mbps download speed.

About 6 months ago a Three 5G Mast went up 1.5 miles from our location in the opposite direction. The Three Coverage map said we were just out of range of outdoor coverage and a country mile outside indoor coverage range, as we dont have 5G phones and the Current Router was 4G only we never got around to testing it.

Anyway as a very local 5G Mast is going up soon we decided to get a 5G Router in preparation, not only were we surprised when it locked straight onto the mast that is supposed to be out of range, but the speeds were a massive improvement.

A Nice Steady 400-430mbps download. If that is from 1.5 miles away I have high hopes from our new mast that will be only 800 feet away!!!

The Moral being if you are just out of range dont trust the maps try and get a 5G router to test it.




Nice! So are you using mobile 5G data for your home broadband? How much does that cost if you don't mind me asking?


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Nice! So are you using mobile 5G data for your home broadband? How much does that cost if you don't mind me asking?


yes we use a Three Sim, it was on contract for 12 months and cost £16 a month with Student discount (I think it’s £18 without). The contract ended so now it just rolls on a monthly basis at £16 a month

there is no limit on data. Some say if you use over 1tb a month they may look at the account but during lockdown we often used 3tb a month with no issue

3 is really hit or miss depending on where you live we are lucky we are semi rural with a fairly aged populous. So there is not a high use on either mobile or other broadband. If you are in a heavily populated area you may find 3 is oversubscribed and the service is poor

we purchased our router on eBay as it was a lot more expensive as part of the contract and you had to return it when you finished with the contract. £250 extra for the CPEPRO 112-372 on eBay. So you need to also factor router cost into the running costs unless you go for one as part of the contract but that pushes it to over £30 a month I think



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Shifted router to another window this morning,

Now getting 100% Signal on 5G so download speeds are stunning at well over 600mbps but still only 40% on 4G Signal so upload is still very slow at about 10mbps.

Will have to keep playing, se if I can get a better upload (Would like 20mbps)



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So I have now moved house and got my Three 5G router set up. WiFi speeds seem great - variable, but around 250mbps down, 6-7 up (upload isn’t great but not much different to what VM provided TBH). The strength of the WiFi signal around the house is also awesome, which is a nice surprise.

One question though: speeds via my Win 10 PC connected direct to the router via Ethernet cable are far slower, topping out at around 80mbps down. This is slower than I was getting via Powerline into the VM router in our old place. Full gigabit capability and Cat5e cable. Any ideas why wired is so (relatively) slow?


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Follow up question: the upload speeds I’m getting are typically 1% of download. This makes video calls challenging. Signal strength shows as strong on both 4G and 5G. Any ideas what I can do to to boost this a bit?

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