Dont Buy LG till youread my experiance

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    I bought a £630 42 inch 3D TV and the tuning died after five and a half months!
    I re-tuned it several times over the following week but after turning off all the stations were vanished from the memory again.
    I contacted LG and a week later they took it away. (No loan set) 12 days later they rang to say it was uneconomical to repair as it needed the whole main internal board replacing / over 400 pounds and 3 months to get.
    They said they were going to send me a letter of authorisation to give to my retailer for a new replacement TV of the same standard. It took them 3 weeks to send this letter out. I was without a TV from December 12th 2012 all through Christmas and New Year! Eventually in early January I got the Authorisation letter but it was not signed and was invalid! Then a week later I was sent 2 more!
    I sent this letter to my seller E BUYER NOT TO BE RECCOMENDED. And they said that I would have to send the dead TV back to them AFTER TELLING ME 2 WEEKS EARLIER THAT THEY WOULD NOT REQUIRE IT BACK!
    LG returned the TV back to me? Dead and told me they charge 50 pounds for disposal and that I would have to dispose of it my self. (To be fair that was not an instruction But I took it that I could because they said I was getting a new replacement TV.
    Problem was because LG told me to bin it MYSELF cos they can not do it for free and E BUYER told me Verbally on the phone that they did not want it back ….. I DISPOSED OF IT.
    Now they say they MUST have it back to return to LG for a credit back to them? Why did LG return it to me if it has to go full circle back to LG?
    Seems I have lost the whole £630 pounds and no one is bothered.
    I retrieved the TV after a lot of hassle Found it was in a shed in Liverpool 14 miles away! And I sent it back as requested. E BUYER ONLINE said I was responsible for its safe return and I had to pay for secure packaging. They wanted bubble wrap on it and it’s a big 42-inch TV!
    When they got it back the sent me mail stating that because it is OVER 6 MONTHS OLD I would only get a partial refund! Somewhat less that what I paid because the refund was based on the date THEY received the letter of authorisation to replace it NOT THE DATE IT WENT FAULTY AND THAT WAS WITHIN 6 MONTHS!!!
    E Buyer refused to send me a replacement 3D TV of the same standard because they were not issuing enough funds!!! So I had to accept a partial refund that was not enough to re purchase another 42 inch 3d TV.
    LG would not replace the TV Direct because they do not deal with customers direct. ...... Life’s good my arse...
    Life is good now that I do NOT own an LG television.
    To jump to my outcome I added the shortfall of cash I received and went to a local store “John Lewis” and they price matched a new 42 inch Panasonic TV for me then delivered it free and any TV purchased from then gets a full 5 year guarantee with a loan TV if they have to Take it away and return it all in the full 5 years. If they cannot repair it they said I choose another TV up to the same value. I noted that the price I paid for all this was 60 pounds less than E BUYER were asking for the same TV and their 12 month guarantee is not really a 12 month guarantee! Its 6 months then the next 6 offers a partial refund and not a replacement TV as LG implied.
    When I told LG that my retailer would not replace and the refund was partial LG said that is their choice and LG did not car and offered no compensation at all.
    LG said they could not get the parts to fix my old TV for 3 months and all this time I would be without a TV and the guarantee would still be running out! So there was no point me insisting on a repair!
    LG is a dirty word and I am telling EVERYONE about my experience with LG and E BUYER on the net.
    I should have listened to two of my friends that had LG TVs and both of theirs failed
    and became un repairable.
    As stated on this forum Beware of buying online, it’s cheaper but only if nothing goes wrong.
    Plus what if that online company ceases trading!!
    Its John Lewis stores for me from now on… Paul

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