Don't Breathe 2 4K Blu-ray Review & Comments


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Thank you for the review. Personally, first one is better.


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Terrible movie filled with so many odd moments.


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Do you need to see the first one, errr first or is this stand alone able.

It might be worth it just for the Atmos


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Thanks for the review.

Seems like a great blu ray for testing atmos systems.

Ive watchee the first movie in the cinema and looking forward to this sequel, even though some say the first is better I still want to watch the sequel.


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Thing is, I really like Stephen Lang. I think he's just awesome. But I recently watched the first one and despite Lang I gave it a down thumb with raspberry noise out of ten. Just totally throwaway. Cheap jumpscares, annoying protagonists I don't care about. The only thing I liked about it was the opening shot, which offers so much promise that's never delivered. I guess it must have done the numbers for the studio profitability wise and so here we are.

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