Donnie Darko Director's Cut (2 Discs) (Blu-ray) £11.99 @


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Sold! Thanks for that, Been waiting ages for the Bluray, will be my third dip on this one, hopefully worth it going by the review for the USA version.

Many thanks

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ordered - great price for one of the best films of the last decade
sold my 2 dvds in anticipation for the us blu release but as we all know it was locked .......and that was over a year ago!! can't wait to get this ( even though i watched it on friday )


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I have my Region A which is a fab release and will always keep my lenticular 2 disc UK set as a companion. Very nice. Avoid all other UK releases on DVD.

Great film.

I was just shocked to find the 2 disc lenticular DVD version £14.99 on Play. That's more expensive than the BD version :eek:

I've just pre-ordered the Blu-Ray version so I may try and flog my DVD copy. Actually, considering it's £1.04 on the Amazon marketplace I think I'll be keeping it... or taking to the second hand shop.
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I got my lenticular for £1.95inc off eBay. Loads of them if you dig around. Just be careful and don't scare the horses and just ask the seller (if it's not clear) if it's the "cardboard version" -wouldn't want them thinking they were sitting on a 3D-Post-James-Cameron-Avatar-FX-Thingamajig gold mine :p

If it's more than £2-£3 then the Seller knows (thinks) it's worth more. Which it ain't really. Just a collector piece. The UPC (but still ask if unsure as there were multiple versions including one in Poundland) is 5055002551741. Amazon that UPC and you'll find it cheap (£2.24inc right now). Again, quick email to the Seller.

Metrodome went into receivership and were bought by the err.... quality Poundland label Prism. I think it's been hived off again after Woolworths didn't cough up millions in [-]stolen[/-] lost DVD sales.

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