Dominos with 1500 Hard Drives


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Very nice. Aside from wondering who would posses 1500 HDDs, please also note that if it ain't on youtube, it ain't worth watchin' (the slags :rotfl:).

But alas, in my drunkenness I could not achieve an embedded youtube video (pasted the embed code off youtube, didn't work, gave up) so here is the link for y'all!



and upon pressing preview, pasting the link is all you have to do! Simplification FTW, hope that teaches us all some kind of lesson... or something.

Furthermore, upon the viewing of my own actual link, I realise why so many HDDs had been acquired, and I also accept that the video quality is somewhat lessened. I think I'll go to bed now.


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Who in there right mind would have that many :rolleyes:

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