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Hi I have the above projector, purchased in Nov last year via Seven Oaks Southampton I assumed the following problem was originally something to do with setup. When I 1st connected it to the HDMI (set to progressive) output of my Denon 3910 the projector just flashed green and picture alteranately. I connected it to the component output (set to progressive) and it worked, then when reconnected to HDMI output it worked.

The same has happened today without changing any settings, it would not clear with powering down! I had checked all leads, disconnected and reconnected them prior to changing over input. I had to move the projector off its ceiling mount to connect up the Component leads so there maybe a loose connection internally? How long is the warranty as it is now working again, I am concerned that without a 2nd HDMI device either player or projector I cannot ½ split fault find to isolate which is the defective component, the original HDMI lead was replaced, as it was too short for the installation so that cannot be the source of the problem as it has occurred on 2 separate (Chord Cables).

Incidentally I have not had the opportunity to get the projector back to Southampton to check the noise levels as discussed on AVforums earlier this month and in Dec.

I am concerned that either unit may have an intermittent fault.

Projector Settings
Source HDMI
Hor freq 37.4
Vert freq 50
Resolution 1280 x 720 mode 71
Aspect pixel to pixel
Lamp Hours 75 (I have had 50 hours excellent use)
Software Ver 2.36.09 F(KON) (003)


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the warranty on Sim2 projectors is 2yrs.

They also have a 3000 hr or 1 yr warranty on the lamp, whichever comes first.
Make sure the Denon is not set to Enhanced in the menu as this can result in a green picture.
Sometimes components connected to each other digitally don't "shake hands" with each other properly. If this happens it's best to put the DVD player in standby and then power it up again with the projector still on and the digital input selected.

Jeff :rtfm:


RTFM, thanks I assume you mean the DVI black level? I tried powering down the denon but to no avail, Projector is still working correctly now. WIth the length of warranty and the service indicated here and elsewhere from SIm2 I will wait to see if it happens again.

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