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Domino 20 V HT300 V 7210. How big a difference?

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by Lobo, Jul 9, 2005.

  1. Lobo

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    Feb 4, 2004
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    Been looking to dip into the projector market recently, specifically looking at the 7210. However, I am finding it difficult to get a viewing of one.

    Managed to see a Domino 20, Screenplay 5700 and Sim2 HT300 today.

    I found the picture on the Domino20 decent, but not hugely smooth and a bit of noise. It was similar with the Screenplay 5700, but the blacks on that were also worse.

    The HT300 was brilliant with deep blacks and a very smooth, film like image. However, it was also £8000 - 2.5 times the price of teh Domino and 4 times the price of the Screenplay.

    My question is, where would I expect the 7210 to sit between these 2? I know it has the same chipset as the HT300. Can I expect a closer picture to that model0, with deep blacks? Or does this projector still fall short? Especially considering that black levels on projectors are one of my main concerns?

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