Domestic CCTV + battery backup ??????


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I am intending to install ( or to have installed ) a three or four camera ( wired ) security system to cover my house.

All the systems I have seen so far, run on the 240v mains and do not appear to have any provision for a battery backup in the event of a power outage.

Can anyone please advise, of a system that has such a backup feature included as standard or, where the input is 240v but is then transformed down to a lower DC voltage, where a backup battery could be introduced by a suitably qualified engineer.

Many thanks, Pete,
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I've seen quite a few systems that run on 12v ,both DVR's and cameras . I have them myself . They run from a mains adapter . I suppose I could run the system from a 12v car battery and use a decent solar panel to re-charge the battery .


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Check google for hydrogen fuel cell backup it would cost a bit more than a UPS as there are lots of these on the like of ebay and so on but if your were able to use the hydrogen cell back up would last a lot longer


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In answer to Petel's Pm , its easier to show the types of 12v DVR's than describe them .
Nikkai N57FU: mobile dvr , 4 camera input, 2 x 12v outlets to power cameras ,250GB HDD, bought from Maplin
Silver DVR: 4 camera input ,500GB HDD .No labels as to make/model ,bought from a company in Ireland
Black DVR :CnM Secure , 4 camera input ,LAN ,160GB HDD ,bought from Maplin.
All the models show are 12v and run from 12v mains adapter or even a car battery .


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