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Hi, Im new to all of this so please help me out!
I've read that:
HD lossless audio formats Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio are available through HDMI 1.3.

To do this, consumers should ensure that their playback device (such as HD-DVD or Blu-ray player) is capable of decoding these new lossless Dolby & DTS audio formats into the PCM format on the HDMI output, and that the audio device (such as an A/V receiver) is capable of receiving multi-channel PCM audio over the HDMI inputs.

I'm a bit lost as to what it means by PCM format and what is the HDMI output in the above scenario.
Do if anyone can provide an example i would appreciate it.

Secondly Ive heard that the new xbox 360 hd dvd add ons have a software update that allow for Dolby DTS.....just wondering if this actually ture? And if so would i need to connect this AV reciever capable of decoding this information?


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This post has nothing to do with speakers. Try posting in a different forum.


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This has been discussed at length in the HD DVD player forums - try searching there and if you're still confused I'm sure someone will respond. It's a hot topic.


Agreed this has notheing to do with speakers so am closeing, please use the relevant forum to this subject.
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