Dolby Prologic IIx - Opinions?


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Hello all,

I have a Marantz SR7400 which has DPLIIx. In general use for TV viewing, I haven't really been that impressed with it. I'd say that about 90% of the time (with a digital audio feed from Freeview), the surround & surround-back speakers are not used. They do ocassionally spring to life with music etc. In my opinion, it does not add enough to everyday tv viewing to warrant a permanent set of surround / surround-back speakers in the lounge.

Has anyone else used DPLIIx and whats the opinion out there?

Perhaps I'm doing something wrong?



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I have used it with old videos and IMHO it rocks. Feels like i am watching a dvd except for the picture:D I have also used it for PC games and music. I like it and am glad I have it on my rx-v1400.

Hardly watch any tv so havent used it with that and still only use analogue any way.


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I think PLIIx is great for:

DVDs that are 5.1 giving better 6.1/7.1 and old Pro-Logic material (DVD and VHS). Doesn't add much for general TV viewing over normal PLII.


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And your wallet!!!


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I like DPLIIx, I think it depends a lot upon what you watch. I use it through Sky +, and love watching Stargate or the movie channels that broadcast only a stereo signal, as it really does feel like proper suround sound!

I also feel it is a little more accurate than standard DPLII, well, it was when comparing it to my old Marantz SR4300.


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My current preference is DD5.1 with DPLIIx > DTS > DD5.1

I used to seek out DVDs with DTS mixes.. no more


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OK, stirred on by some of the responses to this thread I think I've just spotted the mistake I'm making.........:blush:

Reading the Sr7400 manual, it seems to indicate that PLIIx movie mode turns Dolby Surround encoded stereo mixes into 6.1/7.1.

PLIIx Music mode turns conventional stereo sources into 6.1/7.1.

I have to admit that with PLIIx Music mode enabled the surround/surround-back speakers do burst into life with a tv feed.

I'll listen to this for a while to see if it makes a difference.....


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