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May 16, 2002
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There's been a fair bit of discussion (and conficting opinions) recently about the differences between the "DPLII Movie" and "DPLII Music" decoding formats. So I decided to look it up on the Dolby website, and here's the answer:

Among other things, the article states:

Pro Logic II can be implemented as a "one mode for all programs" decoder, as may be ideal for simpler products. The "Movie" very well in that application.

The Movie mode....uses sufficient delay in the surround channel(s) to ensure the sounds from the front speakers arrive at least 10 ms before the sounds from the surround speakers. This creates the Haas precedence effect, which helps ensure dialogue and other frontal sounds intended to relate with the on-screen action are actually perceived as originating there.

The goal for music playback is to have the sounds from all the speakers arrive at the listener at the same time, which is known as coincident arrival. In case the surround or center speakers are closer to the listener than the main left/right front speakers, a compensating delay will be applied in the decoder. This helps prevent any smearing or combing of the sounds as they combine from the various speakers.

The Movie mode....has preset characteristics to ensure consistent results. The Music mode, however, can be user-adjustable, assuming the decoder manufacturer decides to offer any of the following three optional controls (Dimension control, Centre Width control, Panorama mode).

There is a mild high-frequency shelf filter provided in the surround channels for the Music mode. It results in a more natural, believable soundfield, since ambient sounds normally have a high-frequency rolloff induced by room reflections and absorption.

Lastly, the autobalance is turned off in Music mode, considering vocalists are sometimes deliberately placed off center in the mix.

So the main differences are an extra surround effect delay in the Movie mode, and a high frequency filter in the Music mode. The Music mode is also adjustable, but I don't know of any amps which allow for these sorts of adjustment....

How does that compare to your 'real life' experiences???

Tags AV32R DP certainly have the adjustability in DPLII(x) Music mode.

I use DPLII(x) for all DD 2.0 sources as well as for the odd DD 5.1 in old movies which can be heavy centre oriented (default is Multichannel + THX2 Music as I have a 7.1 speaker setup). Then I use the Music mode where I put Panorama On, Centre Width to -1 or -2 to lock the dialogue to the centre and finally adjust Dimension to get more or less surround activity.

For TV and VCR sources I use DPLII(x) Movie mode as default and if I'm not happy I switch to Music mode to tweak the sound to my liking. Tuner is defaulted to Music mode.

Works just great!
my yammy rx-v630 has those options.

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