Dolby Pro-LogicIIx/HDCD etc upgrade for upgraded Denon AVC-A1SE?

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I'm a little confused :confused: (who said that was easy???) by what I'm reading in various places. Some say that there can be no upgrade for my already upgraded Denon AVC-A1SE (it cost £600 and had to go back to Denon UK, as it's now called, for the modifications) but others invite our American friends to register for the PLIIx etc upgrade for their 5800's. Would some knowledgeable person please tell me what the latest position is in the UK? Will the upgrade be offered or not? If the answer is affirmative, any idea when this might take place and how much it might cost?

Thank you.

Jim :hiya:

PS I've not had the Denon Link upgrade done as I don't have a Denon DVD player.

AVR-5803 Dolby Pro Logic IIx/HDCD Decoding and DENON Link 3rd Upgrade Registration

To register for the Dolby Pro Logic IIx/HDCD Decoding and DENON Link 3rd upgrade of your AVR-5803, please fill out the form. Registered customers will be directly notified, either by e-mail or phone, of the upgrade terms, conditions and availability by DENON Electronics (USA), LLC. Be sure to fill in all areas completely and accurately.

This upgrade will add Dolby Pro Logic IIx (Cinema, Music and Game Modes) and HDCD (High Definition Compatible Digital) decoding technologies to AVR-5803s built prior to December 2003 (Serial numbers that begin with 311 and lower). Also included with this upgrade is 'DENON Link 3rd Edition'. This 3rd Edition will make the AVR-5803 (and other DENON AVRs with the feature), ready for Super Audio CD digital transmission*.

*Please note that DENON has already submitted 'DENON Link 3rd Edition' to Super Audio CD licensers and content holders for the purpose of obtaining approval for transmitting multi-channel digital signals of Super Audio CD, and this is currently in the approval process. The digital transmission of Super Audio CD to the AVR-5803 from players equipped with 'DENON Link 3rd Edition' will become possible upon completion of the aforementioned approval process and at the stage where formal approval has been obtained. DENON plans to make notification concerning details of the implementation period, method and price of updates to 'DENON Link 3rd Edition' for DVD players which have been sold, and are currently equipped with 'DENON Link 2nd Edition (SE)'.

Customers with an upgraded AVR-5800, please do not register for this upgrade at this time. DENON will have information at a later date regarding any upgrading of these units. We appreciate your patience in this matter.

This upgrade will be made available at a fee of $100 to owners of AVR-5803s with either DENON Link SE or the original DENON Digital Link. Customers are responsible for the cost of shipping their AVR-5803 to DENON, while DENON will pay for the return shipping. DENON will also provide, upon request, new box and packing free of charge.

Persons with any products where the serial numbers have been removed, replaced or altered in any way are NOT eligible for this upgrade. If customers have any questions regarding serial number validity or if their unit requires the upgrade, please call DENON Electronics (USA), LLC at 973-396-0810.


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I too would be interested about any potential upgrade.
Just hope that Denon can sort out a better tunaround time than with the last upgrade.

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