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I have a Samsung KS7000 TV and just bought the Yamaha YAS207 soundbar for it. I have my Virgin Tivo Box, PS4 Pro and Nvidia Shield all HDMI connected to the TV and then the Soundbar via HDMI ARC. My question is what should i choose in the TV Settings for the sound bar, so far i have the HDMI Audio Format set to Bitstream but then theres another section underneath that states Audio Format and i have the options PCM, Dolby Digital and DTS Neo 2.5. What am i select for that?



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For Samsung
PCM = stereo
Dolby Digital = 5.1
DTS Neo 2.5 = stereo upmix to 5.1

So I'd select Dolby 5.1 if your after surround sound, you will have to go into your set top boxes and configure them to output Dolby as well.

The YAS-207 supports PCM 5.1 via HDMI input on the soundbar too, but ARC does not support PCM 5.1 only 2.0 stereo.


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Hey, got the same TV but a different soundbar (Samsung HW-Q60R, it's 5.1, knows DD and DTS) along with the PS Pro
I use it mainly for Netflix and gaming so want to make sure I take advantage as much as I can of the 5.1 content.
So for HDMI Audio Format - I should always choose Bitstream over PCM in regards to surround content right ? (even though Bitstream is compressed, I'm ok with that)
What about under Expert Settings?
Issue is I've got DTS greyed out (see screenshot, not mine; I'm at work and needed a picture) in Netflix (haven't checked on the PS Pro yet)

Also, this soundbar supports HDR10 and 4K 60FPS passthrough. Should I plug the PS Pro straight into the soundbar and then output to the TV since it can passthrough HDR video ?
I was thinking if I go PS Pro > TV > soundbar, the TV can't pass through the DTS signal to the soundbar but it I go PS PRo >Soundbar > TV, the audio gets passed straight to the soundbar (and then soundbar passes HDR video to the TV).
As connections, I'm using HDMI ports only


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Bitsream simply passes the signal forward to the next device in the chain for decoding.

If the Soundbar meets your video requirements and has better audio capabilities than the TV can pass vis its HDMI Inputs (quite common) then connect the Source to the Soundbar and then the Soundbar to the TV.


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