Dolby Digital Live vs Prologic II



I have a Vista Media center the output on SPDIF. My Amplifier can decode Dolby Digital and also can decode to Dolby Prologic II from a stereo SPDIF feed.

The media center correctly plays Dolby digiotal 5.1 from DVD's and stereo from TV and MP3's which my Amp can up convert to Prologic.

There have been a lot of good reviews on the new sound cards such as the X-Plosion that contain Dolbys new Dolby Digital Live encoder that up converts stereo to Dolby Digital

Question ios the Dolby Digital Live ( PC Sound Card) surround sound conversion better than the Dolpy prologic II conversion on my amp

Is there benifit in up grading my sound card to Dolby Digital Live as I have an amp supporting Dolby PrologicII


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