Dolby Digital from PS2 to Receiver


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I have just purchased a Sony HTDDW750S. I also, up til now, have used my PS2 as a DVD and also enjoyed the Dolby Digital/DTS capability through my old Sony HTBE01. However, in order to obtain this with my new system I am forced to connect the optical lead from the playstation to 'Video 2 Optical In' on the HT Receiver/Amp. This means that to view and listen to PS2 output I have to select 'Video 2' as the component and not 'DVD' as I would prefer!! This also means that my Panny Satellite box has to connect to the 'DVD' input, which means everything in my house is quite confussink!!

Is there a way around this so I can watch PS2 on 'DVD' and Satellite on 'Video 2'?
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