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Dolby Digital 5.1 from SKY+



I understand that Dolby Digital is available only from the optical out via a TOSlink cable. But is the sound produced worse than that on a DVD and if so why?


So where does the Dolby ProLogic sound come from when I watch another channel not in DD? is it through the scart?


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Sound quality depends on the bitrate of the broadcast which may be lower than a DVD. If you've got the SKy+ box connected via TOSlink then all the sound formats will be sent via that (as well as scart)



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The two most common bitrates used for DD5.1 is 384kbps and 448kbps on DVD's although I believe consoles can and do use the maximum bitrate of 640kbps.

Under normal conditions with decent amplification there shouldn't be a significant difference between the DD5.1 audio on a SKY D broadcast and the same content from DVD however the capabilities of the DAC in the source hardware will have an impact on the final result.

Dolby Surround information is embedded in the stereo soundtrack at the time of production, it will therefore be carried on any stereo transmission and connection that maintains the stereo audio (scart, twin RCA phonos, optical/coaxial digital etc).


I've never noticed any difference in the sound quality between DD 5.1 on Sky Movies and from DD DVD's.

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