Dolby atmos speakers: a few questions about wall mounting elevation speakers


Hi everybody,

I've got a few questions about Dolby atmos speakers. Currently I have a 7.1 setup and I'm looking to add height speakers to the mix. The problem is: I can't do ceilingmounted speakers (I've got a star sky installed on the ceiling) and due to the composition of the star sky and the room, dolby enabled speakers also don't seem a valid sollution. (don't think they would reflect sound)

So I was thinking of taking Dolby atmos speakers and mounting them as high as possible against the wall, with the speakers pointed towards the listening position.
I know officially Dolby does not endorse wall mounted speakers, but still it should work, providing I use the correct speakers, no ?

Currently I have the XTZ cinema 7.1 system installed (very happy with it btw).
Th speakers I was looking at:
  • XTZ S2. Not sure if they can be wallmounted in such a way they'll be pointing downwards towards the listening position
  • SVS prime elevation. Those seem very well suited for what I need.
  • Dali Alteco C1

Any thoughts/don't on any of these ?

2nd question is about placement. The room is 7.20m deep x 3.90m wide (roughly 23.5 feet x 12.8 feet). Should I place em above my front and rear speakers ? Or would it be better to mount them on the side walls slightly in front and behind the listening positions ?

extra caveat:
Due to the room setup (riser for back seat and the star sky that brings the ceiling down a bit), the distance between the elevation speakers and the rear speakers would only be about 35cm / 1.14 foot. That's empty space between the 2, so measured from the top of the rear speaker to the bottom of the elevation speaker. Don't know it that's too little ?
On the sides its a bit better, there we're looking at about 50cm /1.6 foot.

extra-extra caveat:
The front speakers are behind an AT screen, that is hung from a "pi" like frame. something like this:
so 2 standing beams with lying on top 1 beam that goes from one sidewall to the other.
And those beams are thick. 15cmx15cm (6x6 inch). might even be a few cm more. Would that block any of the sound ?

Any feedback would be fantastic :)
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Hey, I'm in a similar position (but for a non-dedicated room), and just posted a similar thread - didn't see yours first!

I think the gap for the rear speakers is way too low, I think I saw min 3ft recommended as the height difference so there's some separation of sound from the bed to height speakers.


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You need to have good separation between the bed layer and atmos which doesn't sound like you will.

Saying that, the Alteco C1s are very good, Ive got 4 and very impressed

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The SVS Elevation or the DALI Alteco C1 will be great additions to your cinema room.
On the question of the rear - you don't necessary need to have the rears directly over the surrounds.

I've seen on more than one occasion the rear atmos mounted on the side wall's (at ceiling height) and firing towards the MLP.

I think that would be a more viable solution and give you some separation over and above the mounting directly (35cm) over the rears.

Do you have any pics of the front of the room? Trying to visualise your speaker / screen configuration!

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