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Dolby Atmos Speaker Truss Using Ikea Curtain Rods

Canary Richard

Standard Member
Like all speakers, placement of the Dolby Atmos heights is very critical. I built an adjustable truss across the room to fly the speakers.

I used Black Ikea Hugad and Racka telescopic curtain rods, Betydlig brackets and a couple of old speaker wall mounts. The curtain rod bits cost less than £30 and are also available in silver/grey and white. The two truss rods are strapped together at each end using a Betydlig bracket & curtain rod holder. Part numbers 602.172.28 and 502.198.93.

The speakers can be moved backwards and forwards, left and right and their angles adjusted. Altering the position of the height speakers by an inch or two can make a huge difference.

Now, even at low volume listening levels, it sounds good.

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