Dolby Atmos soundbar to go with Sony KD XF9005 Tv?


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Hello everyone,

Please bear with me as I’ve been out of the home cinema game for a while! Last year I bought the above TV (55 inch version) so this year I’m looking to treat myself to a nice sound bar as my living room is quite small.

It’s a bit of a minefield with the amount of choice and then there’s the whole hdmi arc and e-arc thing - I don’t want to buy a soundbar that’s incompatible!

I’m hoping my AV learned friends on here can give me some pointers on which soundbar to consider with dolby ATMOS capability (either with actual upwards firing drivers or virtual effect) to pair with my TV?

It’s mainly the HDMI arc and e-arc issue I’m concerned about as this Tv is only arc. What are my ATMOS soundbar options in terms of having a hdmi arc compatible TV?

If the Atmos soundbar I like is e-arc, can I still get it with this TV or would Atmos not work in this case?

I’ve set myself budget around £600 but also hoping there might be something good in the Black Friday deals? That said, I might even be tempted to pay more than that if the performance and features are worth it. Thanks. :)

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