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I run a Sony KD-55A1 through a Onkyo TX-NR646 but when I try to get Dolby Atmos on Netflix or Amazon prime video it doesn’t activate, any ideas of problem?
Sky Dolby Atmos and Blu-ray Dolby Atmos comes in no problem, help please!


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Assuming you're using the built in apps for Netflix and Prime, have you got the ARC set up correctly to pass the audio as it should? The AVR should be connected to HDMI 3.

As far as I can tell your TV should support Dolby Digital Plus which is the Atmos format for streaming apps. Assuming it can output that over ARC it should work but I'm not sure about Atmos support over ARC.

If I can do it, it should be something like this in the TV menu:

1. After connecting the TV to your audio system, press the ACTION MENU button, then select [Speakers] — [Audio system].

2. Press the HOME button, then select [Settings] — [Display & Sound] — [Audio output] — [Digital audio out] > should be something like bitstream as an option

Info here


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Yes - presuming that you have your TV connected to your AVR via HDMI-ARC (you can't send DD+/Atmos over the optical S/PDIF output), I would say you need to check your HDMI-ARC / audio settings on both devices and ensure that your HDMI cable supports DD+ (this shouldn't be an issue unless your cable is a really early revision).

I don't have an Atmos system myself, but my understanding is that if your TV is capable of sending a DD+ signal via HDMI-ARC and the AVR is capable of decoding it (and both support Atmos), then you would expect to get 'lossy' (compressed) Atmos this way. I don't think this is an issue when using a TV's streaming apps, as the major services tend to use this anyway.

You can get 'full' (uncompressed / lossless) Atmos from suitable sources (eg. your Blu-ray player) that are connected directly to an Atmos-enabled AVR.

I think that uncompressed Atmos is also possible via eARC, but that doesn't apply to your set-up as both seem to have ARC rather than eARC.

Here is a useful article on this subject...

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