Dolby Atmos (or even just surround sound) using Chromecast with Google TV & a pair of headphones?


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So I don't have the space or finance for a full fat dolby atmos speaker setup. So instead I'm going the headphones route.

I tried watching Disney+ with a pair of earphones last night on my Playstation but it sounded fairly bad. I then found out that playstation doesn't have dolby atmos support etc. So even though Disney / Neflix support it, I will not hear it using a Playstation.

So then I started researching streaming sticks. I found out that Chromecast with google TV / Firestick 4K both support Dolby Atmos and I thought brilliant this will work. But then found out that even though they support Atmos, they might not support "Atmos with headphones" i.e through Bluetooth. I could not find any information about this online sadly as almost every post to-do with Atmos is about a speaker setup.

So my question is, can I buy a streaming stick, use a pair of headphones, and get Dolby Atmos sound on apps like Netflix & Disney+?


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Yes; sort of. You require a specific type of headphones that are configured for home cinema applications instead of conventional 2-channel stereo headphones. It is a niche market but personally, I think there could be great demand for this (i.e., not disturbing neighbours, not waking family members in bed, or in your case - lack of space).

These headphones come with a control box (not sure what the correct terminology would be), akin to a receiver comprising of HDMI and optical inputs and outputs. So in your case, the input could be either a Chromecast / Roku / Apple TV / Firestick / 4K UHD Blu-Ray Player (whatever you like really). Chances are this control box could accommodate multiple inputs if you have more than one device.

Then the control box would output to a TV or projector.

Lastly, it would be wirelessly transmitted to your headphone.

Your choices are:

(Now obsolete): Sony MDR-HW700 9.1 channel

Sennheiser RS175-U Digital TV Wireless Headphones

or if you have the cash...

JVC Exofield XP-EXT1 (7.1.4 in Dolby Atmos / DTS X).

My understanding is that such headphones simulate the surround experience. If you can get a second hand Sony, it provides a "virtual" 9.1 experience. The Sennheiser looks like a budget-level entry but reportedly doesn't really replicate a "proper" surround but seems good enough for most at that price.

Then there's the JVC which seems promising. The reviews I've read suggest that it is convincing at Atmos/DTSX overhead effects and is certainly generous with bass... but it's just shy of a grand.

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